Pretrial Services

Pretrial Services was established with the intent to provide alternatives to traditional criminal justice to those who are eligible and could benefit from a restorative model and treatment. The program consists of a few different services.

Pretrial Monitoring

This service is for adults with substance use or mental health treatment needs who are going

through the court process and awaiting final case resolution. Monitoring may be ordered by the court. Individuals may also choose to engage with pretrial services. A person’s refusal to engage cannot result in a violation of conditions of release.

Pretrial Service Coordinators quickly connect people to substance use, mental health and other supportive community-based services.

  1. Needs screenings—to measure substance use or mental health needs.
  2. Connect and support engagement in treatment and recovery services.
  3. Support individuals to meet conditions of release and attend scheduled court appearances.

Reporting Requirements – The Pretrial Service Coordinators report only the following information, whether someone is ordered or self-referred:

  1. if treatment is indicated
  2. if the individual participated in a clinical assessment
  3. if engagement with pretrial services is recommended.

No other information may be shared. Refusal to engage in Pretrial Services will not result in a new criminal charge.