Balanced and Restorative Justice Program (BARJ)

These services are provided to youth who are charged with a delinquency, have been adjudicated delinquent or are at-risk for involvement in the juvenile justice system. The Family Court judge and Department for Children and Families (DCF) make this determination. BARJ services vary depending on each individual youth, but consist of restorative interventions that reduce and eliminate further involvement in the juvenile justice system such as: restorative panels, restitution services, risk screening, and restorative classes/skills development. 

A BARJ restorative panel is designed to assist the juvenile in taking responsibility for his or her actions, and to restore the victim and community. The program can also provide the juvenile with services that can help him/her find employment, continue education, begin drug counseling, or fill other needs. 

During Fiscal Year 2019, WCDP’s BARJ Program worked with 45 youth.